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  • Wheelchair Accessible School Minibus

Wheelchair Accessible School Minibus

Is Leasing Available for a Wheelchair Accessible School Minibus?

Yes, absolutely. If you have students, or a customer base, with disabilities, then School Minibus Leasing UK can offer wheelchair accessible solutions. With a suitably adapted vehicle you can include all students in school trips, outward bound activities or simply transport students between different locations.

We genuinely understand that a converted minibus is an expensive, but worthwhile, investment. We therefore endeavour to ensure that all of our suggestions are not cost-prohibitive and can meet your needs and those of the students.


An example below of a wheelchair accessible school minibus conversion for Bolton St.Catherine’s 


What Minibus Conversions are Available?

The interior of your new vehicle can be amended or altered to fit your bespoke requirements. We understand that the vehicle may need to accommodate different set-ups of seating and wheelchairs. On request, we can supply you with diagrams to show your structure, so that you understand how your vehicle will operate.

We also offer various options for customers, including features such as:

  • One wheelchair spots with a removable chair;
  • Multi-wheelchair spots for bigger minibuses;
  • Non-slip flooring;
  • Ramps – full width or telescopic;
  • Lifts – Inboard or Underfloor; and
  • Wheelchair restraints.


We work alongside a number of suppliers and organisations who can accommodate most requests while ensuring the vehicle remains within your budget. One of our leading suppliers, CoTrim, offers a comprehensive range of conversions which are supplied and fitted to the highest standards of care and quality.



Leasing Advice for a Wheelchair Accessible Minibus

As well as securing the best deals for you, we also understand that you may require assistance and advice throughout the process, particularly if this is your first experience of contract hire and leasing.

We have experienced most requirements that clients have raised in conjunction with their converted minibus, including wheelchair fastening, safety systems and more comprehensive systems such as ramps or hydraulic lifts. Additionally, we are in a position to discuss different makes and models of minibuses to ascertain which specification might best fit your needs.


Additionally, you, or your drivers, may have driving licence or healthy and safety queries as part of using the minibus. All of which we are more than happy to assist with, to ensure you fulfill your obligations moving forwards.




Our Business Constantly Strives To Offer The Best Service

We understand that Schools and academies have options when it comes to selecting the supplier of their new minibus leasing contract. With this in mind we offer continuous training and development in our work place to enhance our service delivery. At first instance you will receive advice and guidance from one of our experienced account managers, and as the transaction progresses, one of our highly trained administration support team will become involved to make the whole process seamless. After all it is what our business does, and this is how we function, we await your call........