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College Minibus Leasing – Getting the Right Advice

Leasing a minibus for your college or university can initially feel like a daunting task. However, here at School Minibus Leasing UK our business philosophy is to offer a consultative approach to all prospective clients, so that we can move through the process together and achieve the most pragmatic solution.

We do also recognise that there are varying levels of experience within the different colleges and universities that contact us. For example, if your college or university is currently leasing a minibus you are probably conversant with the required technical and practical considerations. However, should this be new territory for you we can guide you through the process, for example:College Minibus Leasing

  1. Driving licence requirements – How old must a driver be? What licence do they require?
  2. Vehicle requirements – How many seats do I require? Are conversions for disabled students available?
  3. Health and Safety – When, and how, should the vehicle be maintained?


 Getting the Right Quotation For Your College Minibus Leasing Requirements

Just from reading the information above, you will note that there are a number of considerations for your new College or University minibus leasing deal. In addition, you will need to prepare the following below, in order for our team to assist you in receiving the right quotation for your new vehicle, including:


  1. Mileage – how many miles will the vehicle be covering each year?
  2. Contract Length – how long do you require the vehicle for, i.e. 2, 3 or 4 years?
  3. Maintenance – do you require a full service and maintenance agreement to include the cost of all servicing, consumables and tyres during the course of the contract?
  4. Options at the end of the contract – will the institution want the option to purchase the vehicle or will the vehicle be returned at the end of the contract?

Once our team at School Minibus Leasing UK have gathered the information above, they can produce a number of quotations and options which best fit your requirements.


How Can minibus Leasing Help Our College or University?

Modern educational institutions are no more different to businesses in their approach to making cost-efficient solutions which secure a positive future for their stakeholders. While buying a minibus has often been the route forward, budgetary constraints mean that paying upwards of £30,000 for a new vehicle are simply no longer available.

In contrast, contract hire and leasing, offers a more cash-flow efficient process whereby the vehicle is paid for on a monthly basis. If you do opt for a full maintenance contract, this allows you to be covered for all routine servicing, tyres, exhausts and road fund licence for the duration of the contract. As such, you can more accurately forward budget based on this certainty of cost.

At the end of a contract hire contract, you simply return the vehicle and School Minibus Leasing UK can arrange a new vehicle to arrive in its place. This removes the time consuming process of selling a vehicle and also prevents vehicles being retained outside of their manufacturer warranty.


Getting the Best College Minibus Leasing Deals

As School Minibus Leasing UK have grown into one of the leading official minibus suppliers in the UK, we have been able to negotiate favourable vehicle supply terms. With these improved terms, we have been able to maintain competitive pricing position for all minibus leasing deals. As well as providing leading advice and support, we are also proud to offer our customers and partners with value.






Our Business Constantly Strives To Offer The Best Service

We understand that Schools and academies have options when it comes to selecting the supplier of their new minibus leasing contract. With this in mind we offer continuous training and development in our work place to enhance our service delivery. At first instance you will receive advice and guidance from one of our experienced account managers, and as the transaction progresses, one of our highly trained administration support team will become involved to make the whole process seamless. After all it is what our business does, and this is how we function, we await your call........