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Religious Organisations

 Minibus Leasing For Religious Organisations


Our experienced team are well positioned to offer the best minibus leasing service to all types of organisations. Many religious groups (from all denominations) increasingly require practical transport solutions for their given community. While short term and ad hoc solutions are available, these are often a more expensive option in the long term.


We pride ourselves on our consultative approach, offering relevant information and support to enable our prospective clients to make an informed decision. We understand this is incredibly important, as many religious bodies represent a large number of members and they have to ensure that the best decision is made. Our minibus team will remain wholly committed to supporting you professionally and respectfully throughout the minibus acquisition process




The Key Benefits of a Minibus Leasing Package

For any organisation that regularly uses a minibus there are numerous factors that should be carefully considered. The following list below is by no means exhaustive but should hopefully give you a brief understanding of what we can offer:


  • A brand new minibus is more reliable and, in addition, the latest technology can offer fundamental equipment;Minibus Leasing For Religious Organisations
  • With fixed term contracts of between 2 and 5 years, you decide how long you wish to utilise the vehicle for; and
  • With a full maintenance contract all routing servicing, safety inspections and MOT’s are included. You merely fuel and insure the vehicle.







Our Business Constantly Strives To Offer The Best Service

We understand that Schools and academies have options when it comes to selecting the supplier of their new minibus leasing contract. With this in mind we offer continuous training and development in our work place to enhance our service delivery. At first instance you will receive advice and guidance from one of our experienced account managers, and as the transaction progresses, one of our highly trained administration support team will become involved to make the whole process seamless. After all it is what our business does, and this is how we function, we await your call........