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Keeping Your Minibus Safe

Keeping your minibus safe


 A well planned, organised safety system is the only way to maintain a safe minibus and a daily walk around with a quick levels check and a drive will make up a large part of that system.


First things first


With a quick walk round of your minibus you can cover some of the most important safety requirements. As  you first get the minibus, check all the tyre pressures with an accurate gauge and have look what the tyres now look like. On your  walk round inspection, a tyre that has lost any pressure will be obvious and this should prompt a checking of all of the tyres pressures with a gauge. Additionally you should check;


. The body for any damage

. Wiper blades for damage

. Check that the tax disc and emergency numbers are in place

. Check all the mirrors

. Check for any fluid loss underneath the minibus



A short drive test


On a short drive;

. Make sure that the wiper blades are working

. Check that the brakes and steering are ok


Internally and fluid levels


Inside the minibus, check;

. Make sure that all the seatbelts are undamaged and lock up if pulled hard

. Check that the first aid kit and the fire extinguisher are in place.


Under the bonnet;

. Check that your oil level is correct, to see our video click this link

. Check that your brake fluid level is correct

. Coolant level, normally in a clear container, should be checked as well

. Check your windscreen wash level and make up with a Winter mix to avoid freezing in Winter









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